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This carries out all the procurement activities in the Institute.

Procurement means acquisition of goods and services through purchase, hire purchase, leasing, licensing,tenancy franchise or any other contractual means of acquiring any type of works, service or supplies or any combination of those.

Disposal means divestiture of public asset through sale to public officer if so found out that staff acquiring such an asset will have convenience, lead to improved effectiveness and efficiency

Procurement and Disposal Unit (PDU) has the following roles

  • Plan the procurement and disposal activities of the procuring and disposal entity by receiving the approved budgets for procurement requirements, consolidation of procurement requirements and to facilitate orderly implementation of the annual procurement and disposal activities.
  • To make market surveys, consultations, review specifications about the presented procurement and disposal requirements.
  • To support the functioning of the Contracts Committee
  • Implement the decisions of the Contracts Committee
  • Recommend procurement and disposal procedures
  • Act as secretariat to the Contracts committee
  • Cleary check and prepare statements of requirements, terms of references and or statement of works
  • To prepare advertisement of the procurement and disposal requirements
  • Prepare bid documents
  • Issue and also receive bidding documents
  • Answer inquiries from stakeholders
  • Keeping all records concerning awarded contracts
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports
  • Maintain service providers ‘list
  • Make consultations on procurement and disposal requirements from PPDA Authority and other guiding authorities.
  • Find potential supply market
  • Advise on the evaluation criteria to follow
  • Propose procurement method to use
  • Prepares planned procurement schedules (though sometimes subject to changes)

Procurement and disposal principles

  • That in conducting procurement and disposal issues we follow basic principles which include: Nondiscrimination of bidder
  • Transparency, accountability and fairness
  • Competition that all procurements and disposals shall be conducted in a manner to maximize competition and achieve value for money.
  • Confidentiality that no disclosure of information unless required by court of law until the successful bidder is notified of the award after display of the best evaluated bidder.
  • Economy and efficiency that any procurements and disposals should be handled in a manner which promotes economy, efficiency and value for money.
  • Ethics that code of ethics should strictly be adhered
  • Open competitive bidding that some many bidders must be invited to bid in order to have a comparison and choose the best bidder.
  • Public accessibility that copies of the Act ,Regulations, guidelines, standard bidding documents and decisions of the Authority ever made available /accessible to the public by the Authority.
  • Publication of opportunities and information. That there is always a need to publication of data on public procurement and disposal, awards and any information of the Authority.