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Mission & Vision


To conduct demand driven and market responsive applied and participatory adaptive research in crops, livestock, aquaculture and apiary to develop appropriate technologies for dissemination to uptake pathways.


To enable NARO to respond and contribute to sustainable agricultural productivity by conducting relevant research that will enhance economic growth, food security and poverty eradication in the Western Highland Agrological Zone.


To improve livelihoods and income of resource poor farmers through generating and disseminating profitable and sustainable technologies for improved productivity of the farming systems in the Western Highland Agrological Zone.


To improve agricultural productivity of farming communities of Western Highland Agrological Zone by conducting and disseminating appropriate, demand driven and market responsive strategic and adaptive research while enabling sustainable natural resource management.

Specific Objectives:

  • To comprehend constraints, opportunities and component interactions in the farming system of Western Highlands Agroecological Zone.
  • To conduct basic, applied and participatory adaptive research, with and appropriate technologies for dissemination to uptake path-ways.
  • To provide and process feedback between farmers, researchers, extension staff and other partners in order to identify and respond to zonal specific and emerging production and marketing constraints.
  • To contribute to multiplication of foundation seed for distribution to farmers and other research partners.
  • To establish and strengthen collaboration and linkages in order to exploit synergy in research and uptake of technologies.


Core Values of the Institute:

  • Conduct research for public interest.
  • Conduct relevant and appropriate research.
  • Scientific ethical behavior, transparency and accountability.
  • Self motivation, flexibility and independent thinking.
  • Team spirit and recognition.