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Functions of Finance Department

  • Prepare and submit budgets for approval
  • Produce regular statements of budget performance
  • Undertake receipts and revenue management
  • The finance department is responsible for ensuring that costs are controlled. They also prepare financial documents and final accounts for reports.
  • The finance department has a role of ensuring that there are adequate funds available to acquire the resources needed to help the institute achieve its objectives. It is also charged with preparing and creating financial accounts and also keeping, as well as maintaining financial records.

Finance Personnel

The finance section is manned by three personnel i.e. the Finance Officer and two Accounts Assistants.

Source of funding

Rwebitaba ZARDI is funded by three major sources.

1. Government of Uganda

Government of Uganda funds Rwebitaba ZARDI through recurrent and development budgets given as a vote to National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO).

2. Donor support

Rwebitaba ZARDI receives support from World Bank funding two projects at the institute;

EAAPP- Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Project mainly for seed multiplication of rice, cassava and forage seed. The project is aimed at availing planting materials to farmers in western Agro Ecological Zone.

ATAAS - Agricultural Technology Agribusiness and Advisory services undertakes research in crops such as tea, cassava, banana, Irish potatoes. It also focuses on other commodities like Agro forestry, Aquaculture, Apiculture, soil fertility and profitability levels.

3. Internally generated funds

This is termed as non-taxable revenue. it is revenue generated from internal sources like sale of produced property, interest earned on accounts, disposal of assets extra. The main source of revenue currently at Rwebitaba under this category is from sale of green leaf at Rwebitaba tea research Centre.