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Department profile

The department facilitates the operations of the technical departments and provides support services in the areas of administration, management of financial resources and human development. In addition, administration is responsible for providing leadership in the initiation, formulation implementation, and coordination and monitoring of Government Policy.

Key Objective

Provide financial, administrative, human resource management, development, information and communication systems and services to enable achievement of sector objectives.

    Key Functions

  • Prepare budgets;
  • Manage the Institute finances;
  • Prepare and submit financial reports to relevant authorities;
  • Account for all funds
  • Provide and maintain office accommodation, facilities and other necessities including logistics and motor vehicles;
  • Develop and implement appropriate information and communication systems and strategies for the Institute
  • Interpret and disseminate regulations concerning finance, administration and personnel;
  • Maintain up to date personnel and other records;
  • Mobilize resources for the Institute.


The Department of Human Resource Management is mandated to develop, interpret and review Human Resource Policies. The Department is responsible for the management, reviewing and updating of the Terms and Conditions of Service as well as the Policies, Procedures and Regulations

    Roles of human resource department

  • Developing; implementing and evaluation of strategic Human Resource Management Plans and budgets
  • Monitoring the performance of staff to ensure attainment of Institutional set performance targets.
  • Developing, coordinating and implementing effective strategies for improving workplace relations in order to gain employee commitment and improved morale.
  • Overseeing the implementation of an effective human resource management information system for monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee activities.
  • Assessing training gaps, training needs of staff as well as developing and implementing on job training programmes both with in Uganda and outside Uganda.

    Services provided by the institute include-

  • Library service, the institute has a lot of write-ups generated from the Agricultural Research. This information is presented in form of brochures, reports, slides and memos.
  • ICT services – computers were procured and most offices have computers, internet modems and flash disks.
  • Training programs- Trainings are provided to farmers under EAAPP project. ATAAS and the institute has a team of specialists in Agricultural technologies and interventions.
  • Students internship- The institute senior staff supervise University students ion internship in disciplines of Agriculture, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Management and general institutional management and Administration.
  • Recreation The institute has a football Team which plays football with the community Teams. DSTV dish services were installed and members of the surrounding committees come to watch.
  • Tourism; Rwebitaba ZARDI is located in the Western ecological region of the Rwenzori with many Tourist attractions. The ZARDI is one of the principal Tourists attractions in the region with a wide range of Traditional crop plantations, Fish ponds, Bee hives and a variety of crop seed beds.


The Institute has 24 staff on Government Payroll comprised of; 13 Support staff, 3 Technicians and 8 Scientists and 18 internally recruited staff.


Rwebitaba ZARDI sits on 503 acres of land used for Agricultural research activities in Kyembogo Kabarole District and 178 acres of land used for Tea research in Rwebitaba Kyenjojo District.


The Buildings for Rwebitaba ZARDI are also in two stations and they are used for

  • Office Accommodations.
  • Residential Houses
  • Dormitories for participants during training sessions and programmes.
  • Buildings for production unit.


The Institute harvests rain water in three tanks of 10,000 litres capacity and has a water pump that supplies the institute with water all the time.


The Institute is connected to UMEME power and a stand by generator.

Leisure and Entertainment

The Institute has a well maintained playground for football and a fully connected DSTV.